Micro Sphere Lube

All wax lubricants are custom blended to customers specific needs and packaged in one pound blocks individually sealed for easy dispensing in to the wax tank.

Nashville Supply has various lubricants available for use with any of the old style Ball Corporation MS100 / MS200 Waxers or the new style Micro Electrostatic Lubricators.

All wax lubricants are Food Grade and are available in a wide range of melting temperatures.

  • Micro Sphere Lube™ - Wax Lubricants
  • Micro Sphere Lube™ - Blended Wax Lubricants
  • Micro Sphere Lube™ - MSL 8 Kosher Food Grade Natural Wax Lubricant
    Made from natural oils with no hydro-carbons.
  • Micro Sphere Lube™ - MSL 6 Kosher Food Grade Liquid Lubricant
    Liquid wax which requires no heat.