Waxer Lubricators

Nashville Supply has specialized systems for both sheet and coil lubricating processes. The electro-static waxer equipment distributes micron-size particles of lubricant producing the most uniform and efficient coating available. Two models are available:

  • New Style Micro Electro-Static Waxer Lubricators designed to fit in any line application
  • Old Style MS200 Ball Corporation Waxer Lubricators with new design electrical

Micro Electro-Static Waxer Lubricator

The New Micro Electro-Static Waxer Lubricator is designed to fit in any line application. Nashville Supply is now featuring the newest Scroll Shear design. The new waxers are smaller, more efficient, require less maintenance and are just more dependable than the old style MS200 Waxer.

Electro-Static Lubricator Sheet Waxer MS200 Ball Corporation Style

This is a new MS200 style waxer with an updated electrical air system. This is our last New MS200 style waxer. We will continue to have the parts and service for this unit but we will only be manufacturing the new style Nashville Supply Electro-Stactic Lubricator Waxers in the future.

Size: 8x7ft wide x 6ft tall. Weight: 2,000 lbs.